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Liberty Luxe Small Bow Collection - Darks

Liberty Luxe Small Bow Collection - Darks

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This truly gorgeous set of small size hair bows made using Liberty Art fabrics are real show stoppers. 

Delicately hand stitched, our beautiful Cotton Tana Lawn small bows measure 6cm each. Each has a 3cm metal crocodile on its reverse, the clip we find the most sturdy and versatile for all hair types and styles. 

This set contains:
- Ragged Robin
- Chive
- Wiltshire Berry
- Belmont Ivy

All of our Cotton Tana Lawn small bow sets are limited edition, with only as little as 4 of each design available in some cases at launch. We are confident in saying that you won't be able to find these any where else, so if you see any you love, grab them while you can. 

The names featured in the title, are the official names given by Liberty of London.