Rainbow heart

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We have received quite a few messages over the last couple of weeks asking if we can make kits of our items so they can be made at home whilst people have a bit more time on their hands. As we mentioned in our previous post, we haven’t offered kits before, as our designs are our own unique ones and we wouldn’t be confident that if we provided kits, our intellectual property would be protected. We try so hard to create items that are different, stand out and have our ‘stamp’ on them, and the worry is that offering kits means our name is somewhat removed and lines are blurred. 


But, with the larger influx of messages, Mum and I have been FaceTiming most days trying to come up with something, and today at 8am, I got the ‘AHA’ call. Scribbled in a notebook in the middle of the night, and made early this morning, we present to you the Floral Lifestyle stamp on a rainbow heart! 🌈 


Whether this is something that you’d like to make and hang for all to see, or make and send to someone as a pick me up, the choice is yours! We are also offering the option for it to be made by us. Both options are explained in the picture. As we mentioned in the previous post, an older child should be able to complete this under supervision. 

We hope you like it 😊 🌈