About us

As a child I grew up surrounded by pretty floral materials, buttons and craft ingredients. My granny made me wonderful party and every day dresses, whilst my mum used the off cuts for craft projects and pretty accessories to match my outfits.

As I grew up mum and I would spend weekends making things to give as gifts. It would be fair to say that at times my creations were unusual and only someone who loved me would treasure! 

Time moved on and when I was at university and funds were short I made birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family to save money and often the recipients would say "you could sell these". On leaving university my knowledge of business and my creativity joined forces to result in the eventual development of Floral Lifestyle. I could never have anticipated the way this has grown from a hobby to what it has become today.

Although mum and I now live 100 miles apart we make all of the products between us. Granny, Grandad and Dad are called upon at busy times to help us prepare and finish the products and also become "critical companions" when we have new ideas on the drawing board. 

So, thats us! We love to get to know our customers too, so please do follow us on social media and get chatting with us. Without the amazing followers, customers and friends of Floral Lifestyle, we wouldn't be where we are today. 

 Flossy Writ was born in Lockdown in 2020. A dream of Jess' for some time, there was no better time to start! The prints are created and produced by Jess in house and provide you with sassy, motivational, funny or sentimental wall art for your home. 


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