Happy Birthday Card Holder

Happy Birthday Card Holder

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Our Christmas card holders are one of our Christmas best sellers, with many people asking if we could do a birthday version.... well here we are! 

Entirely hand drawn, hand cut and hand stitched, our card holders are perfect way to display all the lovely cards your friends and family. No more worrying about your dog or cat playing dominoes with them, just attach them to the 2 x 62cm long strings with paper clips. Clip them from the inside so you can still read them, and over lap them to really fit lots on! Cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but we estimate you can hold at least 40 cards on each holder. The top is stiffened to keep it solid and stop it from being folded.

We can do custom colours if you'd like to match your decor, just pop us a note in the 'notes' section at the checkout - subject to ribbon colour being available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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